Dom is Gay
...hand to god.
We here at believe in one small, simple and obvious truth...
Dom is gay.

Theres no denying the facts.
1. he sleeps with men.
2. he does men.
3. he enjoys gay porn.
and 4. he does men.

What we propose to do is allow the world, via the great expansive internet, a chance to trully experience just how gay Dominick really is. 
Within the next few months I, along with a few colleagues, will be working tirelessly on this site in order to show you homosexually charged photos staring Dom, gay stories involving Dom <possibly untrue, you never can tell in today's publishing world>, and even set up, hopefully, some sort of message board, so your, the valued patron of my glorious site, words may be heard.

Please be patient as we are still under contrsuction. But know that while this site is being manufactured, it does not mean dom is any less gayer. O no, quite the opposite. He is as flaming as ever.
And on that note, thank you for your support, and God Bless America!

Dom is Gay.
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